FRIV 2010 – Polish-Hungarian Improvised Music Festival, 7-8th May 2010, Sirály, Budapest

Improvisation as a meeting, often first-time meeting but not one-time. Improvisation as an aim in itself but also as a beginning of something else. Of good music, of people’s excitement, of friendship or what you wish. That’s our ideas, in general, because we don’t want to bore you.
We prefer to meet you, to listen to you or to listen with you in Sirály on 7-8th May 2010.
Musicians from Poland:
Piotr Bukowski (guitar)
Patryk Lichota (sax with preparation, laptop)
Piotr Mełech (clarinet)
Radar (analog synth)
Piotr Tkacz (turntable+objects, laptop)
Krzysztof Trzewiczek (laptop)

Musicians from Hungary:
Albert Márkos (cello)
Bujdosó János (guitar)
Hock Ernő (bass)
Kováts Gergő (sax)
Halmos András (drum)
Pándi Balázs (drum)
Pozsár Máté (piano)
Tigrics (electronics)

Sirály is located on Király utca 50, VI Budapest

Friv Festival 2 is supported by
Polish Institute in Budapest